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EKS Brand Goggles

Over the years we have used many different goggles, with our favorite brand being Oakley until we tried EKS Brand Goggles.  With the steep prices from other brands such as Oakley (plus Oakley discontinued a lot of their lenses to push the Prizm lenses) we did a little research and read reviews ourselves and decided to give EKS Brand a chance, and even though they are lower prices than many goggle brands, their performance is just as good if not better.  The foam is very comforting and fitting and their lenses offer great vision; plus their price is a huge selling point.  We do suggest that you also order some tear offs to help protect your lenses as well as allowing for clear vision in a swift movement.  If you’re need a new set of goggles and don’t want to spend a huge amount on Oakley, Scott, or the other big brands, give EKS Brand Goggles a try. 

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