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About Us

Welcome to The ATV World, that just a few years ago was just a wild hair to try website design and YouTube videos for a something that was more than just a hobby, but a lifestyle; that thing being off-roading and trail riding.  I wanted to share my passion of riding and off-roading with as many people as I could, so I gave it my best shot.  That idea was back in 2014 and has went from a wild hair idea to a passion.  The ATV World has grown quite rapidly in just under 6 years, with more than 22,000 likes on our Facebook page, 6,600 followers on Instagram, and over 2,800 subscribers on YouTube with over 1,000,000 views; and none of that could be possible without you all supporting and encouraging us.  Two things to remember; "Off The Street, It's Where We Meet" and let's save the sport quads, #savesportquads.

Eric Kuchenbrod

Owner, Founder, & Creator

Eric Kuchenbrod

Founder, Owner, & Creator

I got my first taste of riding at the age of 8 with my dad buying me a Yamaha PW80 dirtbike; I knew I was hooked.  A few years later me and my dad both started riding together on Yamaha TTR-125's and then it just snowballed, upgrading to Yamaha TTR-230's, then Yamaha YZ250F's.  It seems like every weekend me and my dad went riding, often taking friends and neighbors with us.  In 2013 we made the switch to ATV's, the Yamaha Raptor; and the passion for off-roading grew even more and ultimately led to The ATV World.  At every chance, I still go riding with my dad and friends, recording the footage and posting it to YouTube and bringing you what you see here on this website and all of The ATV World's social media accounts.  I would like to personally thank everyone who has encouraged and supported me and The ATV World; at times it is difficult and stressful to do this by myself and personally fund it without any financial backing or revenue; but following a passion makes it easy with your support. 

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