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Oakley Airbrake Goggle Review

After reading reviews from Keefer Inc Testing on goggles we thought it was about we tried a new pair of googles out. In the past we have ran Scott Goggles, Oakley O-Frame, and EKS Brand Goggles. We have also concerned ourselves with a low price point when it came to goggles and their lens replacement but ventured out a little with the Okaley Airbrake Goggles with Prizm lenses which we bought on RockyMountain ATV/MC for a little over $200.

Straight out of the box we were amazed by the quality and attention to detail and couldn’t wait to try out the Prizm lenses. The lenses increase the clarity of your vision, making small details such as change in terrain and ruts very noticeable regardless of the lighting in the woods. From previous reviews we were informed that the lenses scratch easily, and at about $65 for a Prizm lenses we opted to run laminated tear offs during our ride. The tear offs do not compromise the clarity of the lenses but do offer great protection. The lenses did not fog up during the warm summer day, even when stuck and fighting the quad (there was some fogging between the tear offs but that quickly went away once we started moving). The Oakley Airbrake Goggles offer a great and wide view, allowing us to see more out the goggles than we have ever seen before, and the foam around the goggles fits tight but very comfortable against your face. The ports for ventilation kept our face cool during the 90°+ day while the foam kept the sweat out of eyes and goggles. If needing to switch out lenses, it is a breeze with these goggles; you are able to change out lenses in minutes where as other goggles can take sometime trying to fit them in the channels of the googles and snapping them into their respective slots. The Oakley Airbrake has a Switchlock system really relieves any headache of several lens changes. There are two lugs that center the lens on the frame and the levers lock it in place. Overall we couldn’t be happier with these goggles, even being the higher end of the price spectrum. 

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