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Why We Ride

As the 2020 riding season gets closer to becoming a reality, I, like many others, couldn’t be more excited. This raises the question that most of us have had to answer from time to time, why do you ride?

To me riding and sport quads are a way of life, not only as a content creator but as someone who just loves to go riding. That feeling of being out in the woods ripping through the trails is just an amazing and fun feeling that cannot be replicated. Being on a sport quad ripping up the trails is a great adrenaline rush that most of us need to fulfill, whether it be ripping through the trails on the edge of disaster pushing the limits of yourself and/or machine, attempting a sketchy or challenging trail to put your skills and some luck to the test, or fulfilling that need for speed.

There is a certain bond between man and machine that when paired together just offer an escape from the everyday world. For me when out riding, it is a time to allow all the negativity and stress to just melt away; because when out riding the trails nothing else seems to matter. It is a time to feel free, where the pressure and stress of work, bills, or to do’s are not on mind. Not only is riding good for one’s mental health, for me it is also good for physical health. Grinding away in the gym or running laps around the neighborhood can be tiresome and sometimes down right boring, but throwing your leg over a sport quad is a great workout that is never boring.

It’s hard to believe that when riding on the edge of disaster, speeding through the woods missing trees and other obstacles, is a time when the mind can be creative.

For me when riding is when I think of new ideas or different things to do, whether it be something I want to do to my Raptor 700, something I want to try or do with The ATV World, or something I want to do regarding my work or personal life. Usually when faced with something difficult to do, the idea on how to tackle it come to me while riding. You hear of writers suffering from writers block, well this is my way of getting around things similar to writers block.

One of the biggest reasons I enjoy riding and what I look forward to the most, is the time spent with family, friends, and other people who enjoy riding. Since I started riding around 8 years old, it is something that my dad and I have always done together which is a great bonding experience and time spent together doing something we both love. Add in a couple of friends who share the same passion just makes the riding day that much more enjoyable. Being out on the trails with family and friends is a great time to spend together and just hang out, plus being in the truck with family or friends driving to go riding or heading back home is a great time to just be able to hangout with those people; for me working night shift in a day shift world that time allows me to catch up with those family members or friends.

The sport quad community and other people you encounter on the trails are some of the nicest and most down to earth people you will meet, so whether while taking a break out on the trails or being back at the truck to take a break (or having to take a trip back to the truck to make a repair or adjustment) you can meet and connect with people who share the same passion who before that time you have never met before.

So while going riding is a lifestyle for me, this is why I ride. Why do you ride?


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