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GBC XC Master Tires

With all the power the modern day ATV's are producing, you have to have a good tire that gets that power to the ground and we couldn't be happier with our set of GBC XC Master rear tires.  

We've had these rear tires installed for 2 riding seasons on our 2013 Yamaha Raptor 700R and they still have plenty of life left in them.  During that time we've rode for nearly 1,000 miles in all types of terrain; from mud to rocks to some street and some sand.  And these tires took everything we threw at them and would hook in almost in any condition but offer great control when breaking them loose in the corners.  And with their 6 ply rating, we've never had to worry about our tires failing. These tires are comparable to the Maxxis RZR's and at a fraction of the cost, so get yours today!!! Visit or Amazon to get yours today!

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