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American Star 12mm Tie Rods and Ends

After bending both of the stock tie rods, it was time for an upgrade to something a little more durable to suit the conditions we ride in and the abuse our machines take. We installed these American Star Manufacturinig 12mm tie rods and ends on our 2013 Yamaha Raptor 700R and after a few rides and couple hard hits, the verdict is in; these 12mm tie rods are well worth it! Straight out of the box one can notice that these tie rods are thicker, heavier, and more durable than the stock tie rods. With the correct tools, installation is fairly easy; removing the old tie rods and ends was a little difficult for us due to the full body skid plate making it hard to remove the inner tie rod ends, yet removing the pitman arm from the steering column quickly solved our problem. For anyone who rides offroad, these 12mm tie rods and ends come highly recommended, so do yourself a favor and visit Amazon or American Star Manufacturing.

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