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GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

We understand this camera is outdated but we've had this GoPro for over 2 years and it still doesn't disappoint. This is by far the most fun we have had doing a review. Here at The ATV World, we love our GoPro camera. The GoPro shoots video in amazing quality, up to 4K resolution (due to size of files and limits of equipment and YouTube we shoot all of our videos in 1080 using 60fps). For our testing we did use the battery bacpac with a 32gb mini SD, which gave us the ability to record 2 hours and 14 minutes of footage, with a battery life of about 4 hours. The housing for the GoPro is very secure and seems extremely durable; and for our tests and footage we mounted the GoPro under the visor of our helmets. As of now (2 years after purchase) we have experienced no issues with the GoPro, and we absolutely love the GoPro App to change our settings and preview the camera's view so we can adjust the angle to optimize the view. With there being a huge number of competitors, we are greatly pleased with the GoPro and would recommend it to everyone. Despite the price, the GoPro is totally worth your purchase. Be sure to check out GoPro to learn about their new cameras and their features; and be sure to visit our YouTube Channel to see all of our videos.

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