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JD Jetting Fuel Injection Tuner

With this being the age of fuel injection for most offroad machines, especially sport quads; a fuel contoller/programmer is a must have and should be the first upgrade to a new quad (since most quads are programmed to run lean from the factory in order to meet strict emission standards). We tested this programmer on our 2013 Yamaha Raptor 700R with a K&N Intake (click [HERE] for the review of the intake) and installation took about 30 minutes since we had to remove all the front plastics and lift the fuel tank in order to access the plug in for the fuel programmer. JD Jetting gives you a baseline idea on what settings to run depending on your modifictaions if any; but it is up to the rider to fine tune the settings depending on your riding style, location, and modifications. We velcroed the programmer inside the air box since we do not run a lid, which makes accessing the programmer a breeze in order to make quick little adjustments when out on the trail.  This programmer in addition to our K&N Intake really brought the Raptor to life, with immediate power and quickness difference.  Want to know more, check out JD Jetting now, or visit our preferred retailer Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

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