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Trail Tech Endurance II Speedometer/Computer

Tested on 2013 Yamaha Raptor 700R

The Trail Tech Endurance II Speedometer is an upgrade everyone should put on their ride, since very few ATV’s and dirtbikes have speedometers, odometers, and hour meters built in. This is a great way to keep track of your ride’s hours in order to keep up with maintenance such as oil changes, air filter changes, and other regular maintenance. This speedometer can display current speed, average speed (can be reset for each ride), max speed (can be reset for each ride), odometer, trip meter (2 choices), accumulated ride time (hours on ride since installation of speedometer), ride time for current trip, and can display the current time. The accumulated ride time and odometer cannot be erased. Installation was very easy with following the included instructions and only took us about 15-20 minutes. We currently have ours mounted on the handle bars, but with a quick search of the internet, one can get creative with mounting theirs. The speedometer display itself is very durable, being resistant to water makes cleaning it an ease; as well as offering a piece of mind when riding.  To learn more, visit Trail Tech or visit many other retailers to purchase yours.

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