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Tusk Billet Aluminum Case Saver

Every ride we have ever owned has been equipped with some sort of case saver, which protects the engine case in the event that the chain comes. This particular case saver we tested on a 2013 Raptor 700R and a 2011 Raptor 700. The Tusk case saver comes with all the needed hardware, and installation took maybe 5 minutes. On the 2013 we used just the new case saver, but with slight modifications we were able to use the Tusk case saver with the stock plastic cover on the 2011 (used longer screws/bolts and notched a piece in the plastic cover). The Tusk case saver seems to be pretty strong, yet we haven't seen how it will handle a chain impact given that none of our chains have came off. For the inexpensive price of under $20 from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, a case saver is a great investment on any ride.

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