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Barker's Dual Exhaust Review

This Barker's dual exhaust is the one upgrade we've never been more excited about.  The ordering process and customer service from Barker's was top notch, the ordering and customization process was easy and Samantha from Barker's offered great ideas and tips for our setup.  Shipping was prompt (only took 3 business days via UPS Ground).  The exhaust arrived packaged safely yet did not include any instructions and we could not locate any online for our 2013 Yamaha Raptor 700R; which is the only downfall yet being mechanically inclined we were able to get the exhaust installed.  Now here comes the best part, the performance part of our review!  After adjusting our tune with our JD Jetting programmer to compensate for our K&N Intake and the new exhaust, the beast was unleashed in our Raptor 700.  Upon starting the Raptor, the exhaust note is very deep and loud (we are not running any quiet cores) but not obnoxious.  The power gains are easy to spot, with tons more bottom end and mid range power that keeps pulling well into the top end!  Everyone who has seen and rode the Raptor 700 with the new dual exhaust was impressed by the sound and the amount of power, regardless of the RPM range.  We are still working on adjusting our tune to get the most out of our Raptor, but we are beyond impressed.  We would highly suggest Barker's exhaust to anyone and everyone, like us you will not be disappointed.  To get your own Barker's exhaust visit them [HERE] and to see the video of our first start up, check out our YouTube video [HERE], the video from the first ride with the new exhaust can be found [HERE].

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