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Armadillo Six Pack Rack

Have you ever been out riding your quad and wish you could have brought a small cooler? Or ever ran out of a gas and wish there was a way to carry a small fuel jug with you?  Well instead of relying on utility quads or side by sides, why not install a six pack rack on your quad?  Well that's exactly what we did to our 2011 Yamaha Raptor 700.  While the Armadillo six pack rack does exactly what it claims, there were some downfalls for us.  The main downfall being that it covered the rear brake light, and the suggested place to relocate the brake light (a bracket on the rack) left wires exposed and just looked tacky.  So we mounted the brake light under the tail light cover assembly, this made it look more professional, and allowed us to not have any dangling or exposed wires.  Now keep in mind you can only carry a small cooler or fuel jug with this rack; as it's dimensions are 10 3/4" by 8 1/2".  But let's face it, it's not like you're going to stop on the trails and down a 12 pack or anything (we were able to fit 3 bottles of water and 4 canned drinks).  Another downfall we noticed after riding is that the passenger side of the rack will get dirty as the exhaust points straight at it, but as long as you clean it after each ride it shouldn't be too bad of a problem.  The six pack rack also gives you more leverage when trying to pick up the quad from the rear.  Overall, even with the downfalls, I would have to say we are satisfied with this Armadillo six pack rack.

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